Friday, September 21, 2012

Political Artist: Michael D'Antuono

Scrolling through the world wide web, I very recently came across the artist Michael D'Antuono. He is a New York based oil painter who is known for his controversial takes on social and political issues. UK's 'American' magazine even labeled him "one of the world's most controversial artists." Working in an advertising agency in his early life and as an illustrator for 25 years, he didn't start his fine arts career until later. Listening to the news channel in his studio, he was inspired to paint "The Truth", which became one of his most controversial paintings. D'Antuono's intent of the piece was to show how we all view things differently and distorted through a political lens, to show how our nation has become extremely divided. The piece was certainly effective in that matter, receiving more than 4,000 emails, most from the Christian right that believed the piece was blasphemy.

The Truth

Here is a look at some of his other paintings, or check his work out on his website:

Small Government
"This piece points out the corporate ecstasy of an affordable government small enough to fit in their pocket. Like small-time criminals want a police force too small to catch them, corporations want a government too small to regulate."

Murder by Media
"The political environment today is awash in an unprecedented lack of civility. The 24-hour news media (as well as some of our leaders) promote their agendas with a no-holds-bared approach. Disguised as unbiased news sources, they spew deception and promote fear. Their daily hate-mongering and demonization of their opposition demoralizes our society and faith in our government."
American Pie
"No matter which administration you choose to blame, we can all agree that it seems our government represents the interests of corporate rich. Instead of prosecuting those who greedily and carelessly put our country in economic ruin, they rewarded them with no strings attached billions."
Occupying Main Street
"He needs no crowd, no chant, no sign, for basking in the comfort of his luxurious office he rules Main Street and all the other streets in the land."
Down and Outsourced
By the thousands jobs are being outsourced to India, Hong Kong, The Peoples Republic of China, Panama, Manila, The Philippines; and many other countries. Since 1986, 15 million high-paying manufacturing jobs have left the the American workforce. Any job that can be performed in another location, preferably outside of the realm of American wages and work-related laws, are going."


  1. Interesting work - makes me think of 1920s & 30s painters. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  2. I love your work! Keep it up!